Product Features

Our plan uses a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) wrapper to hold your client’s investment and help them to control any income they decide to draw during the term. This sets us apart from other fixed-term income providers, giving our plan an added element of flexibility.

Clients can choose from an Investment Plan, Deposit Plan or combination of the two, providing them with more flexibility and allowing them to control the risks.

Clients can choose the level of income that they require from £0 up to the full amount over the chosen term (sometimes called “strip down”).

We provide options for a maturity lump sum at the end of the chosen term. If the client chooses this option, the maturity lump sum is fixed at outset and is unaffected by stock market conditions.

We offer a unique option that allows the client to turn the income off and back on again as and when required, giving them extra flexibility. This is the only plan on the market which allows customers to do this.

We provide a Value Protection lump sum death benefit on all of our plans, which returns the higher of the market value or the initial investment, net of charges, less any income paid up until the point of death.

We have the option for 3, 4, 5 and 6 year terms.

All of our policies are FSCS protected, Investments made into our Deposit Fund are protected through the FSCS up to £85,000 per deposit taker. This means that, currently, up to £220,000 of investment into a Primetime Retirement Fixed Term Drawdown Plan could be covered by the FSCS, if a combination of both a Deposit Fund and Investment Fund is chosen. Our Investment product is protected up to £50,000.