Our Values

Retirement can be a time of significant change in life and here at Primetime Retirement we felt that income products in later life needed to reflect this. We have been long campaigning for more options in retirement and the Pension Freedoms back in 2015 were a significant step in the right direction.

Since pension freedoms came in to force, retirees have enjoyed a far greater choice of where to place their hard earned pension funds but this has led many to take far greater risks with their pension fund than was previously the case.

We believe that many retirees require certainty of outcome for part or all of their pension fund and we only offer products that deliver this goal. With a Primetime product comes the certainty of income (if chosen), maturity amount at the end of the term, and death benefit if this occurs during the term.

We always give a return of fund on death through our value protection benefit.

We take pride in our values and what they represent for your clients, some of our key values include:

  • We believe guidance/advice and financial intermediaries are at the heart of better financial outcomes for consumers in retirement

  • We have and continue to innovate in terms of product design to bring simple, effective solutions to help financial intermediaries offer more options to their clients and to ensure clients are not locked in to long term products that may not be able to evolve to meet their changing needs through retirement

  • We have worked closely with key industry groups and stakeholders to help put customer outcomes at the heart of industry developments, regulation and product design

  • We listen to our customers and look to develop ways that help financial intermediaries present a broader range of retirement options to their clients