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Primetime Retirement is one of the UK’s leading providers of fixed term retirement plans, specialising in providing retirement solutions for people aged 55 and over. For over 10 years, we have continued to innovate this industry and have won awards for our efforts to offer the best products possible to our customers.

Along with striving to provide market-leading rates, our products have added flexibility so clients have the power to turn income on and off, as and when they choose. This is one of the innovative features we have created in order to meet your clients needs.


We have 3 different types of plans available which are:

Maximum Maturity – if you do not need to take an income, simply leave your fund until the end of the term and receive a maturity lump sum.

Income only – in return for investing your fund, you will receive a regular monthly payment for the term period until your fund is depleted.

Income & Maturity – you can elect to take a regular monthly income during the term and also receive a maturity lump sum at the end which will be set at the start of the policy.


For more information on our plans, please visit our plans page.

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